Community Education

Bandaging HorseOne of our founding goals here at Northwest Equine Stewardship Center is to foster equine stewardship. Stewardship can be defined as “an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources.” For us at NWESC that translates to the careful and responsible management of the equines that are entrusted to one's care.

In order to help our equine community and to further our equine stewardship goal, NWESC is proud to serve as a hub of information. NWESC feels that education is an important aspect of responsible horse-keeping and for this reason we offer a variety of educational opportunities.

Educational Series

NWESC hosts educational series with topics ranging from land management to equine emergencies.  Each series is different and is geared to provide attendees, regardless of their equine experience, with valuable educational opportunities and limited hands-on exposure.

For a schedule of our educational series topics, please visit our Educational Series page.

Resource Information

Even the most experienced horse owners often times have questions that arise when it comes to their beloved equines. For this reason we have created a comprehensive resource section that is full of useful information geared to answer your questions or concerns regarding your horses.

Youth Groups and Veterinary/Vet Tech Students

NWESC feels that the best way to learn is to be able to experience valuable, hands-on opportunities with horses. To facilitate this NWESC has created a unique program available to equine-related youth group organizations and those students looking to achieve their veterinary and/or vet tech licensing.

For more information visit our Veterinary/Vet Tech page or call us at (206) 940-8589.

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