Disaster Resources

As much as we would like to deny it, disasters happen every day.  Luckily the majority of them do not affect us directly, but that is no excuse not to be prepared. 

Many disasters cannot be prevented.  Even the most advanced technology cannot stop a tornado, hurricane, flood or earthquake from occurring; however there are numerous ways to mitigate the adverse affects of these calamities. 

Disaster preparedness is important for all animals, but it with horses there are unique circumstances to consider.  Because most disasters have similar consequences, such as loose and unidentified animals, general animal well-being, and environmental impacts, an emphasis will be placed on taking an “all-hazards” approach on consequence management.

Please use these resources to help you with your planning to keep your horses safe during diasters!

Horses in Disasters

Enjoy a printable, 35+ page booklet where you will learn how to prepare your how to assess your risks, mitigate issues, create your plan, and build you emergency kit. Also learn how to plan for an evacuation and what to do if you cannot evacuate. Download Horses in Disasters today!

Disaster Resources for Equines and Animals

FEMA On-Line Courses: Animals in Disaster, Livestock in Disaster

Snohomish County Emergency Management

King County Emergency Management

Skagit County Emergency Management

Ready.gov Animal Preparedness

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