NWESC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and it depends on the generosity of the equine and general community to make donations of money, goods and services, in order for us to carry out our mission.

It is important to note that NWESC is completely self-funded and we currently do not receive any government funding.

Throughout NWESC’s history, monetary donations have been used to purchase feed, bedding, much needed medical supplies, specialty items and related tools that are required for our horses. These donations are often provided by generous individuals and organizations who believe in the work that we conduct and the care that we provide.  Still, we here at NWESC feel that it is important that you know why your donations are so important to us. Here are just a few good reasons:

Help Horses in Need

There is an epidemic of unwanted horses in the United States, many of which are in severely compromised health. Many of these horses and their owners have problems that are not their fault or are beyond their ability to prevent or change. For these reasons, we embrace the philosophy that the best way for mankind to advance is by helping those who are unable to help themselves. Here at NWESC we have accepted the responsibility to care for horses in need and to foster equine stewardship. Your donations support this mission.

Make a Difference

Donating to NWESC is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the life of a neglected and/or abused equine. By making a difference to even just one horse’s life, you are leaving behind a legacy. You are making a statement that your life was worthwhile because you made a contribution to that animal’s life.

Support a Cause You Believe In

Different charities touch the heart of different people. If you are passionate about equines or if you believe that no horse deserves to be abused or neglected, you will be able to support that cause by donating to NWESC.

If you can support NWESC, please choose the donation that works best for you from the selections on the right. Please keep in mind that no amount is too small! Even a donation of $10 can help us purchase much needed feed and supplies for the horses that we care for.

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