Our Next Gelding Clinic will be held on May 6th, 2018

Space is limited so sign your horse up today HERE!

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Gelding Clinic

 Gelding Clinics - General Information

The sheer numbers of unwanted horse is the single largest welfare issue facing the horse industry today. Therefore, in a move designed to help reduce the number of unwanted horses in Washington State, Northwest Equine Stewardship Center hosts low cost castration clinics.

The goal of these clinics is to help prevent breeding of unwanted horses and to make the stallions more rideable, trainable, stable, and more saleable as geldings so they can be re-homed, if applicable.

The Gelding Clinics, which were first started in 2010, are able to continue aiding in the gelding of stallions thanks to the support and financial assistance provided by our generous co-sponsors.

Would you like to help sponsor a clinic?

Sponsorships can range from $50 on up for individuals and $100 up to $2,500 for an entire clinic for organizations, businesses and companies!

If you are interested in making the Gelding Clinic program successful by sponsoring future clinics, please contact NWESC at (206) 940-8589 or click here for a sponsorship form.

Sponsorships will be recognized in all clinic materials, on our Facebook page and Twitter sites, as well as in our e-newsletters. 

Are you in need of a low-cost gelding service?

Applications are available to anyone who is unable to afford the surgery, but openings are limited.  Potential participants are required to complete an application which will be reviewed and approved based on greatest need and at the sole discretion of Northwest Equine Stewardship Center.

The gelding procedure is performed by veterinarians and veterinary students under direct veterinary supervision.  Stallions are required to be halter broke, in good health and weight, with two descended testicles and be at least four months of age.

For more information please call (206) 940-8589 or fill out an application here.

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