Give the Gift of Life 

Bay Mare BeforeA thick mist was coming down when the bay mare stepped off the trailer. Her head hung low, her steps were slow and calculated and everything around her was once again new and frightening. Despite her fear and pain she walked placidly to a stall filled with deep shavings, clean water and a small handful of hay.

She was starving to death and her survival was questionable. She was covered in lice, had open sores and was suffering from rain rot. But her eyes…her sad chocolate eyes held hope in them and despite her pain and emaciated state, her quiet demeanor and polite ways quickly won over the hearts of everyone who was graced with her presence.

Her story, unfortunately, was not uncommon. She had been seized by Animal Control and transferred to a local equine rescue for further treatment. Due to her emaciated state (rating a 1 on the Hennecke Body Score Scale), the local rescue quickly contacted NWESC to see if we would be able to help save her.

Despite her condition – one vet commenting that she had never seen a horse this thin still alive – the hopeful bay mare fought a quiet battle to regain her weight and conditioning while thriving on the love she received on a daily basis from the caretakers at NWESC.  Just six weeks after her arrival at NWESC, she left to return to the local rescue organization as an unrecognizable beauty – full of life, full of love and full of hope.

While it is easy to be overcome by anger and frustration over the initial condition of this gentle animal, it is important to focus on the fact that this horse was given love and consideration for her well-being despite her horrific state by the staff and volunteers at NWESC. The neglect that she suffered in the past is a reminder to those everywhere that even when times are difficult, our animals must continue to be an important member of the familial make-up that we all have. This mare did not understand what she did wrong or why she was not given food and water – she only knew hunger and pain, but her will to survive remained strong.

Horses are herd animals and form strong bonds to humans. To break that bond in any way is a troubling and scary notion as these are loving creatures that want nothing more than to give you their love and to be provided with their basic needs. However, in today’s society with the relationship between Human and Animal constantly evolving, unfortunately too many animals end up paying the price.

Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 and that is dedicated to providing professional level rehabilitative care (like veterinary care, re-feeding assistance, hoof care, rehabilitative therapies and training) to rescue horses.  This is done by working together with local equine rescue organizations to help neglected and abused horses get the care they need and find forever homes.

Our mission is simple. NWESC is dedicated to promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between horses and humans by encouraging community responsibility and stewardship for all horses.

We do this by working collaboratively with other local horse rescue organizations that take in and adopt out rescue horses so that we can focus on providing the professional level care that these horses need. This cooperative networking makes NWESC unique by allowing us to help numerous horses along with a wide range of horse rescue organizations.

Additionally, beyond rescue horse rehabilitation, NWESC is also committed to building programs that provide educational and therapeutic opportunities for people and promotes the prevention of unwanted horses and neglect. We offer a comprehensive educational program along with on-going events and clinics. We also provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities for veterinary and vet tech/assistant students in which students are able to gain real-life experience with horses in need – creating a win-win situation!

NWESC strives to bring the horse community together and form a network of concerned stewards working cohesively toward a solution to the problem of animal abuse and neglect. We encourage you to look around our website for more information on what we do, our programs and our successes.

NWESC needs your support. Our goal is to obtain sustainable monthly donations ranging from $10 to $1,000 per month. In order to assist our donors, we have created five donor categories to help you find a sustainable donation level that fits your budget.  Our long term donors, at any level, ensure that the efforts that NWESC makes continue to be possible!

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