Rescue Horse Rehab

Rescue Horse BeforeUnwanted horses can be old or young, sick or healthy, highly trained or barely halter broke, purebred or grade. They are unwanted for just as many reasons varying from financial burdens to owner ignorance and neglect.

Many of these unwanted horses, unfortunately, fall into the neglected category. While some of these horses have been severely neglected, most of these horses can once again become usable and productive horses that would serve a variety of different purposes ranging from therapeutic horses to riding and show horses – if given the opportunity.

We here at NWESC readily recognize that fact and have dedicated our focus on providing professional level care (veterinary care, farrier care, training, etc) and rehabilitation for horses that are rescued through other horse rescue organizations.

By focusing on providing only professional level care, it allows us to support local horse rescue efforts while providing a central location where equine professionals can be encouraged to donate or greatly discount their services.

Some of the rehab services we offer include:Rescue Horse After

•  Veterinary care including: surgeries, dental floats, chiropractic,
   acupuncture, and more
•  Hoof care specializing in laminitis, founder and navicular issues
•  Nutritional analysis including specialized re-feeding programs
•  Energy work
•  Massage therapy
•  Behavioural remediation
•  Etc.

If you are an equine professional and would like to donate your time and services, please contact us at (206) 940-8589.

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