Volunteers offer invaluable support at NWESC. They assist with caring for the horses in many different ways. Volunteers are afforded an opportunity to understand what occurs on a daily basis at an equine rehabilitation facility, they get to serve a vital role in horse rehabilitation along with assisting with education and outreach activities. But most of all, our volunteers are helping horses in need while also having fun!

We hope you will join us in helping abused and neglected horses start their second chance at life. Please scroll through the FAQs below or click on a particular question under the menu on the right to help answer any questions that you have about volunteering with NWESC.

Reasons to Volunteer at NWESC

• To help horses in need.
• To help make a difference.
• To enjoy the companionship of others.
• To meet others who share similar interests.
• To expand your knowledge of horses and horse care.
• To enhance your skills and build your resume.
• To earn community service hours needed for graduation.
• To be a leader working to prevent neglect and abuse of horses within your community.
• Because you love animals.
• Because you have free time.
• Because you have knowledge and talents to share.

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How do I get started volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering at NWESC, please fill our Volunteer Application and either drop it off during normal business hours or email your completed application to volunteer@nwesc.org.

All volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation prior to volunteering. 

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Who can volunteer?

We accept volunteers of all experience levels.

• No horse experience is required.
• Volunteer orientation is required prior to volunteering.
• Pre-registration for orientation is required.
• Our hours of operation daily are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with occasional Saturday events.

Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are required to volunteer with a parent or guardian. However, there is an exception granted for youth groups.

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Can my company, organization or club volunteer together?

Yes, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email or phone (206) 940-8589 to discuss a day to come out and help out at NWESC.

4-H clubs, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, etc. may apply to volunteer for a day project. Each group is required to have at least one adult supervisor.

Any groups interested in volunteering may fill out a Group Application. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@nwesc.org to schedule your date(s) and for your application.

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Can I ride the horses?

Although volunteers can gain experience working around horses, our Volunteer Program is not designed as a teaching/learning opportunity for riding lessons, horsemanship training, groundwork, medical care, husbandry, etc.

If you are interested in horse education, NWESC regularly offers classes and clinics for both the general public and volunteers.

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What do volunteers do?

We welcome all volunteers who are strong team players and have a desire to work hard in order to help the horses. We also have ample opportunities for volunteers to best suit your interests, talents and desires.

Please keep in mind that many of these projects can be completed by an individual or group.

Working with the Horses - Spend some time outside and in our barn working in and around the horses!  Northwest Equine Stewardship is home to 5-10 horses at a given time. We have in our care horses from local rescues that are receiving specific medical care (provided by various professionals who donate their time and expertise) and are waiting for their forever homes. Because of some of their behaviors, we do not allow volunteers to work directly with every horse; however assistance is always appreciated when it comes to feeding, watering, grooming, general barn clean-up, and preparing feed buckets for the next shift.

In addition we often have special projects that we need help with so any time you can spare after the regular chores are completed is appreciated. Some of these projects include efforts to help keep our facility safe and looking sharp.

Working for the Horses – Did you know that there are more ways to help our horses other than working directly with them? We can utilize volunteers to help the horses in non-traditional ways as well. Working for the horses can include serving on Board or in organizational development positions, fundraising, assisting with a variety of different types of administrative support (accounting, web, legal advice, etc.), building fences and shelters, and providing skilled labor assistance such as plumbing, electrical or mechanical/small engine projects.

Regardless of your skills and comfort level – the volunteer opportunities are endless!

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To register for orientation, email volunteer@nwesc.org or call the office at (206) 940-8589. You will need to bring your completed Volunteer Application with you to your scheduled orientation. Both the completed application and release forms are required before you begin volunteering. (You may download Adobe Acrobat here!)  If you are unable to download the forms, you may pick them up at the NWESC office.

The volunteer orientation is geared so that you understand what goes on at NWESC and what needs to get accomplished in a typical day. Volunteer orientations include a tour of the barn/facility, introduction to the staff (all volunteers will work with a staff member, and you will get to meet the horses).

It is important that you schedule your first day so that we may have a volunteer mentor or staff member available to help you begin your experience.

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