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NWESC Summer Solstice Music Fest 2016

Summer Soltice

THANK YOU! We know our words are inadequate to fully express our gratitude, however...

At the First Annual NWESC Summer Solstice Music Fest on June 25th, we experienced pure love, kindness, energy, community, compassion, gratitude, power, support, and inspiration ... it was extraordinary! And although ‘thank you’ simply does not cut it for such an amazing day, we would like to take a moment to celebrate the people who helped us make this magical day happen:

Sean ‘Rib’ Horst, Hannah Duffy, Eric Mueller, Natalie Wouldn’t and Black Dog … without you, this event would have been soul-less. Your music brought joy to the fields, sky, and our feet. We will never be able to thank you enough for this, but we will keep trying. See you next year for the SECOND Annual NWESC Summer Solstice Music Fest!

John Clough, Emily Bullard-Clough, and John Olson … without you, this event would have been sound-less … with your supplies, sound system/music management expertise, you made this amazing thing happen! We are SO grateful for your generous time and resources. You are incredible.

Teagan Goodman, Maddie, Kasha, Ed, Amelia Rothwell, and Caroline Morgan … your talents as hair braiders, face painters, and compassionate movement makers (a Rainbow Rock Project in memory of the lives lost in Orlando, FLA) brought a beautiful spirit to our space. Much gratitude.

Bethany Garvan, Heron Mueller, and Teagan Goodman … ‘Flower Child’ Forest will be forever thankful for the love, care, and attention you gave him while he helped bring laughter to our day.

BJ, Jeffrey, and Chad … the best security sentinels we could have dreamed of. Your detail was impeccable. Thanks for the yuk yuks, too!

Lillian Goodman … our first aid angel … thank you for being there ‘just in case’.

Donna Gonder, Ryan Garvan, Rita Laws, Rita Morgan, and Diane Garwood … our Rocks of Gibraltar … thank you for setting up and running the food, drink, and information booth portions of this event … you made these dynamic and vital parts look super easy.

Amy Schilder … you were the perfect welcoming committee!

Mike Ostrem … your stage was a show stopper. Seriously – pure perfection!

Alice Chapman and Daphne Jones … your Hula Hoops were a huge hit – barely touching the ground the entire day. Such a great addition!

Sindy Staggers … your contacts and support helped us get the spectacular talent we did – thank you!

Linda Dunk … setting up and tearing down was ‘almost’ enjoyable because of you – your time and muscle power was invaluable … and your parking oversight was perfect!

Cindy Coker and Tom MelcFoster … well … we don’t need to explain … you KNOW how crucial you were to this entire event.

And last but not least … Profound gratitude to Cedarbrook Staff: Lisa Dobbin, Kari Vaarvik, and Andrea Champion – you guys ROCK – so much would have fallen through the cracks without you – thank you for backing us up.

And to all who attended, celebrated, and supported NWESC on this glorious day …. THANK YOU!

Until next year, peace, love, and good music vibrations to all!

Most Sincerely,

Kim Sgro (Executive Director), and the NWESC Board of Directors

P.S. Next year’s Music Fest is already looking to be bigger and even more exciting, so if you are interested in helping us plan for it please contact: info@nwesc.org. Or, if you did not get a chance to participate in this remarkable event, be sure to join us next year for the SECOND Annual NWESC Summer Solstice Music Fest, 2017!!

Announcing: An Exciting and NEW NWESC Program & Manager!

In line with our progressive expansion and development goals, NWESC is thrilled to announce the initiation of our NEW Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning Program (EFMHL). Once complete, the EFMHL Program will provide interactive opportunities of growth, learning, and therapy for groups and individuals in the Upper Puget Sound region. Its programs will combine equine-human interactions with counseling-based processing skills to introduce new awareness, improved emotional control, and transformation, while uniquely considering the equine health and well-being at the same time.

Amy SchilderAmy Schilder comes to NWESC with 25 years in experiential educational programming. She also brings a combination of dynamic experience in nonprofit management and in equine-facilitated methods of therapy. She is certified by the Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL), Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).

Our new EFMHL program will complement NWESC’s efforts to promote wellness and stewardship through mutually respectful relationships and reverence – changing the lives of horses and people forever. Amy will be a tremendous asset to the creation and management of this program, and we are very excited make this program announcement and welcome her to our team!

If you have questions, please contact: info@nwesc.org.

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